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To here anyways. Not to the 'gateverse. Anyone willing to give me a quick and dirty primer to clanmitchell? I've found family trees and lists and I'm actually more confused... go figure. And if you are feeling particularly loving, a tender long primer would be appreciated. But quick and dirty has its place ;) Note: Got here from the AO3 collection. In case anyone was wondering.
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*peeks in* Hi.

I feel the need to explain myself here. You see, a couple months ago, I stumbled onto Broken Wings and promptly fell in love. I fell in love despite the fact that I've seen very little of later-seasons SG-1, and bare bones knew Cam and JD as show characters.

After devouring working through Broken Wings, I somehow found Clan Mitchell, and started devouring all the lovely little stories all of you have written and falling EVEN MOAR IN LOVE with this AU.

The falling off my chair moment came when I read the first entry of the comm and found out that the Mitchell's weren't only in Carolina, but Black Mountain.

This might just be because I can see it from my house live somewhere within Buncombe County that will remain unspecified further because, well, Internet Safety and all that jazz.

So, if anyone wants info for local color, I'd be happy to oblige. (ex., the local grocery stores are Ingles, almost all Ingles, though Amazing Saving's in Black Mountain, which slightly on the sketchy side, is awesomesauce and actually have lunchmeats that are reasonably priced for the love of sweet babies, and there are all of two Malls, both technically in Asheville, but the close one being the one in the Oteen (Pronounced O-teen) area and the other being over in Biltmore, which, honestly, only tourists go to Biltmore unless you can't avoid it.) Yeah.

I also am VERY VERY TEMPTED to write a Mitchell interacting with the people at Warren Wilson College in Swannanowherea because it'd either be hilariously disasterous or hilariously awesome depending on if it wound up being a creepy hippy Wilsonite or those who came to the college because of its work program. (Student workers are the norm, not the exception, as in every student on campus is assigned a 15-hr / wk job on campus)

Really, part of me just wants to write these characters, but I'm suffering writers phobia because I haven't really written anything for over 18 months (THANKS, college. Thanks.). But yeahs.

And I'm going to end this entry here because its past midnight where I am and I know I'm rambling already.

And if someone could get me a dreamwidth creation thingy I would appreciate it and join the crowd there because after poking around it it looks cool. Really ending now - I thank you for listening to my rambling.
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So oxoniensis is running the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and I saw a prompt. And I tried to figure out how to make it work, and I couldn't. And then it morphed into something workable. And then I tried to figure out who the hell one of the characters was and what she was doing all season. And she told me, quite calmly and politely considering that part of the answer to what she was doing all season is 'going batshit crazy', exactly who she is. So, this chick?

Katie Cassidy as Ruby

Apparently she's a Mitchell cousin. This is her story. Supernatural spoilers through the season four finale.
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Resource: a Brief Mitchell-Griffith Family Tree

While I was busy encouraging darthneko to write awesome Clan Mitchell/Supernatural crackfic, she mentioned that the clan were hard to keep track of.

(No, really?)

Thinking that a visual aid might be useful, I slapped my understanding of the Family onto a family tree for her. I thought it might be useful for other people, too.

The family tree, and my thoughts about itCollapse )

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